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Head of the Department of Corporate Psychology of the ACIG Group of Companies Inga Belyaeva holds a seminar at the Autumn Campus

On November 13 Inga Belyaeva, the Head of the Department of Corporate Psychology of the ACIG Group of Companies, held a seminar for the students of the Department of Innovative Entrepreneurship at the Autumn Campus.

The expert told about the most important criteria of successful sales managers’ behavior. According to Inga Belyaeva, one of the key factors for achieving goals in this field is networking – establishing business relations and integrating private connections into business practice on a step by step basis. "When do we need to develop our business net? The day before tomorrow! Don’t hesitate to use the opportunities you get," she underlined. The contacts you need can be established in business clubs, at business breakfasts, exhibitions, conferences, professional communities’ and networkers’ events and co-working spaces.

"There is no doubt that this topic is important for the Autumn Campus participants. Developing and presenting your idea is not easy, it is important to be able to promote a product in the market. Young entrepreneurs lack practical experience and simply don’t know where to start. And here studying the basics of networking is rather useful. My task was to let the students do their first step," Inga Belyaeva noted at the end of the seminar.