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New issue of the journal “Strategy”: «Education makes all the difference»

Within its publishing activity, ACIG published a new issue of its electronic periodical “Strategy” aimed at highlighting important social, economic and politic problems, as well as public and private initiatives, implemented as part of the concept of Russia’s sustainable development.

The new issue of the journal focuses on the education system and manpower policy in Russia.

Investing in education and establishing a brand new manpower training program constitute an essential part of the innovation model of Russia’s sustainable future. Public programs aimed at improvement of education system find active support in business community and improve life quality of the Russia’s young generation. One of the new projects in summer 2012, oriented towards work with the young generation was the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy, which is an example of a public-private partnership based on social responsibility of business and authorities’ pursuit of finding new ways to solve crucial problems that our country faces.

The articles tell about the exiting education system and possible ways for its transformation, the problem of manpower starvation in Russia and the role of business in manpower potential development. Furthermore, the journal “Strategy” covers the joint project of ACIG, RPANEPA and the Republic of Tatarstan – Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy.  

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