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On June 14 the Presidium Council meeting of ICIE was held in Kiev

On June 14 the Presidium Council meeting of the International Congress of industrialists and entrepreneurs was held in Kiev.

The leadership of the Congress, the members of the ICIE committees and commissions, the representatives of the national units of industrialists and entrepreneurs, presented in ICIE and business partners took part in the meeting.

Chairman of the ICIE committee on corporate government issues with the aims of innovative development (CICG ICIE) V.A. Tolmachev took part in the ICIE council work.

President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich, Prime-Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov and Chairman of Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Litvin sent greeting messages to the participants.

The main topics of discussion were the prospects and the experience of the round-tables’ public units cooperation with the public authority in the interests of the sustainable development of the organizations, the countries, the regions. The meeting’s participants emphasized  a special significance of the adjusted system dialogue of business and the authority, and a role of the public organizations in the expansion and strengthening of such cooperation with the aims of the promotion of business communities’  interests and the achievements of the economy’ sustainable development of the countries.

Moreover, the participants of the meeting considered the draft of the Concept International system of accelerated innovative industry and entrepreneurship. As Chairman of Council  ICIE, President of the Ukrainian Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs Anatoliy Kinah emphasized, the direction of the innovative cooperation is one of the main component base programs of Congress “ The Eurasian economic space: cooperation, integration and development, ”  and ICIE pays great attention to the strengthening of this sphere.

At the meeting the decision about the holding of the ICIE Council meeting on October 6 2011 in the capital of the republic of Azerbaijan Baku city was accepted, in the context of which the discussion of different aspects of the sustainable development will be continued.

The issues of the sustainable future organizations and territories supply, including at the expense of the innovative cooperation, are in the centre of activity CICG ICIE.

In cooperation with Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RPANEPA), the system elaboration of practical initiatives, oriented on the provisions the sustainable development of organizations and territories is carried on. Attention is paid to the methodological side of developing decisions, as well as to the practice for the organizations, the countries, the regions. The current work is carried on the several agreed directions:

  1. Increaser of small business and big business.
  2. Development of professional competences
  3. Sustainable of large-scale organizations’ development.
  4. Sustainable development of territories.

By the moment, a number of serious initiatives, contributed the essential endowment in the Congress’ successful decision of the sustainable development of the organizations and territories, was realized by the Committee. The Committee aims at the all-round experience exchange, setting the task of the world promotion to the business cooperation. Owing to this fact, in the context of the preparation to the meeting of Council ICIE in Baku CICG ICIE will be held  in September, on which the achievements of the 1st  year Committee work in the direction of supply of the sustainable development of the organizations and territories will be discussed, and the ambitious key issues of CICG ICIE for 2012 will be conformed.