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On June 29 Alliance Consulting Investment Group ACIG took part in the Forum ”The Russian Innovations”

On June 29 2011 the representatives of Alliance Consulting Investment Group ACIG attended the annual Forum “The Russian Innovations”, which was held in Moscow in the Polytechnic museum, the organizer of the arrangement was a rate agency “The Expert of RA” and the media-holding company “The Expert”.

The forum was held under the support of the Innovative development Fund “Scolkovo”; the representatives of the state structures (the Administration of the RF President, the Ministry of Industry and trade, the Ministry of Economy Development), the large industrial companies, the Russian search institutions, venture funds, the sate development institutions were in the amount of the participants.

The Forum “The Russian Innovations” has been held since 2000 and is rightly supposed to be more authoritative complex draft in the country, oriented on the emergence and popularization of the achievements in the innovations’ sphere, consolidation of the innovative elite, and development of the national innovative policy’s elements.

The representatives of the company “ACIG” took part in a plenary discussion, the moderators of which were  Valeriy Fadeev, Editor-in-chief of the  magazine ” The Expert”, and Dmitriy Grishankov,  General director of a rating agency “The Expert RA.” Valeriy Fadeev noted  that for the past ten years , namely during such period the Forum has been held, the innovations in Russia have come to a new level of development. “When we just began, we, the organizers of the Forum were watched with surprise if with not bewilderment. Now the innovation’s development in our country is one of the key regulations of the state policy, and I hope that it is our overwhelming contribution, ”- Fadeev emphasized.

These words are the introduction of the topic discussion:”The Strategies of innovative state companies’ development: priorities, training practice, prospects”, in the context of which the following issues were discussed:

  • Innovative activity of the state companies: expectations and practice;
  • Innovations in large business: criteria of efficiency;
  • Measures for innovative activity’s stimulation: the experience ”Skolkovo”
  • Innovative drafts of large business: the elements of competiveness and attempt to follow the fashion.

After the plenary discussion, two topical sections were held, the topics of which were “Innovative community cooperation with the innovative development institutions” and “Innovations in Russia: the state and innovative entrepreneurs”. The following issues were discussed during these meetings:

  • Strategies of innovative initiatives’ support in the regions;
  • State policy in the sphere of the innovations: the achievements and problems;
  • Needs of innovative entrepreneurs;
  • The histories of innovative business success in Russia. 

The result of the Forum became the Awarding ceremony of the winners of the X Contest of the Russian innovations, the aim of which was the cooperation of the development of the innovative activity in Russia and the start-up presentation. During the contest, the participants had the opportunity to introduce their drafts to the investors, public at large and mass- media. The most outstanding drafts were awarded with the prizes, provided by the contest’s sponsors.

The analytical support of the Forum was the first holding research of innovative activity of large business, efficiency of state initiatives in the sphere of innovations, the innovative entrepreneurs’ achievements in Russia. Its aim is  the formation of  coordinate system of innovative success, emergence the innovative elite and innovative achievements on its base. The results of the research you can see in the site of the draft’s initiator, The Rating Agency Expert.