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On September 8 a meeting of the Committee of the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Corporate Governance for Innovation Development (ILAC ICIE).

The work’s results that had been done by the Committee during the year since its foundation and the plans for activity’s development in the IV quarter of 2011 and 2012 were discussed at the meeting.

The Meeting of Committee was held in the area of a strategic partner of Alliance Consulting Investment Group ACIG - Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RPANEPA).

The choice of the recurrent Committee meeting’s venue is non-random.

One of the priority tasks of the Committee is the all-ground promotion of the social sphere development. Essential efforts in the Committee’s activity are directed to the effective tools’ development of social drafts, business- community involvement to the social issues’ decision.

The implementable joint draft of business – group “ACIG” and the Academy, under support of the Committee,- the All-Russian contest of research and project works of students and postgraduates “Sustainable future of Russia” is presented as the example of the successful construction of the effective communication system between private business and  state structures in the context of the social drafts’ realization. The main task of the organizers’ conception of the annual holding contest is support of the young professionals, oriented on the sustainable future of Russia. The contest’s challenge is to strengthen the innovative, social-oriented culture, to promote the development of personnel training system.

Moreover, one of the priority positions in the Committee’s activity plans is the cooperation with the Academy and other Russian institutes of higher education in the context of the practical tasks solution of science and educational system’s improvement with the aim of the sustainable RF development.

At the meeting the results of the Committee’s activity of the organizational controlling mechanisms’ government and the efficiency increase of entrepreneurship. The heads of the Committee’s workgroup presented the concrete results of the implemented drafts with such companies as Uranium One, JSC “Group E4”, GROUP TNK-VR.

The leadership of the Committee announced the electronic issue of the magazine “Strategy” of business-group “ACIG”. The aim of this initiative is the popularization of the sustainable development’s concept in the society owing to the wide analytical coverage of more urgent economic, environmental and social issues, involvement and concentration of the state and private departments’ attention to the issues of the strategy’s realization of sustainable development, the exchange of positive experience, unification of the like-minded persons, forming the area for the joint dialogue of the state and business. The first issue, related to the renewal of “Strategy-2020”, will appear in December 2011.

The results of a wide deployed Committee’s work on cooperation forming with the state sector were presented to the Committee’s participants. In this aspect the work with the innovative regions of the Russian Federation, the countries of the Customs Union, the countries of the EU will be continued by the Committee in 2012. Moreover, the Committee is going to develop the joint initiatives with republic of Tatarstan.

In the context of the most important issues’ discussion of the Committee’s future development, Vice-president Y.A.Vinogradov appeals to the participants of the meeting. In his speech, Yuriy Alexandrovich empathized the importance of practical direction of the Committee’s activity, the necessity of concentrating on the concrete events, directed at tasks’ solution of corporate government and sustainable development.

The next Committee’s meeting is planned on March 2012.