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Open Government experts started to develop the roadmap “Establishing an Efficient Communication System for Entrepreneurs and Public Authorities, including the Mechanism of Dynamic Response to the Appeals from Entrepreneurs”

The Minister for Open Government Affairs Mikhail Abyzov and the appointed ombudsman for entrepreneurs Boris Titov, as well as Director General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Andrei Nikitin and the State Duma deputy Elena Nikolaeva took part in the meeting.

The project is aimed at establishing operative communication between business and regulatory bodies, as well as forming the systems for public control over activities of the executive bodies and for protection of entrepreneurs from misconducts of these bodies

The roadmap provides for elaboration of the “red button” mechanism on the websites of the federal agencies (electronic “window” which entrepreneurs could use in case of infringement of their rights and receive a quick response with a compulsory provision of statistics and a history of responses). The roadmap also provides for development of the procedure of handling the citizens’ claims with the “red button” mechanism and procedures of control and responsibility for the maintenance of the established order.

One of the key instruments for effective communication between business and authorities is establishing a transparent system of the authorities’ functioning. It is expected that this task will be implemented by the public councils under the federal and regional agencies. The approach towards establishing these councils was also discussed at the meeting.

Following the results of the meeting it was decided to create three more subgroups in addition to the “general” working group which would describe the entire process. One subgroup will deal with development of functions for the public councils and the “red button”, another one — with IT support. Mr Abyzov suggests that the third subgroup should fulfil the task of “building a full-fledged system of effective communication between entrepreneurs and authorities” at all the levels including regional and local levels. The Minister emphasized that two thirds of problems for business occur in the relationships with the local authorities. It is not clear now, how exactly the protection of business will look like: Boris Titov, in particular, proposed to introduce public ombudsmen for entrepreneurs.

According to the ACIG Public Sector practice, introducing the “red button” mechanism aimed at building an efficient mechanism of interaction between authorities and entrepreneurs can serve as an effective instrument for implementing one of the elements of the social and economic development of our country – small and medium business support at regional and municipal levels. Small and medium business is the basis for the business activity of the population and sustainable development of the middle class, which ensures the country’s competitive economic growth.

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