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The ACIG expert will make a report within the first Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy

The program of the Presidential Academy Summer Campus, which will take place in late July in the republic of Tatarstan, includes a series of expert reports by the leading specialists in the areas of economy, politics and law.

Head of the ACIG Public sector practice Aleksey Shipov will take part in the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy and make a report on “Modern methods of management”.

In his presentation, the expert will tell about the well-established efficient management instruments, which are used by both business and public sector. In particular, such issues as implementing a balanced system of indicators, applying a special-purpose program approach and managing organization culture will be considered. During the presentation, the audience will get acquainted with the practical application of these instruments based on the analysis of the situations from the expert’s personal experience.

Expert opinion:

“Within the context of the complex approach towards ensuring sustainable future of our country one of the most important tasks is to develop expertise, professional competences, practical self-realization skills and talents of the Russian younger generation. There is no doubt that the Summer Campus organized by the Presidential Academy – the leading educational institution of the country and an old good partner of ACIG – is a wonderful example of a practical initiative, aimed at addressing this task.

I am genuinely glad that the ACIG managers support the Presidential Academy comprehensively in organizing this Summer Campus, showing their commitment to socially-oriented business activities in practice. My experience suggests that this approach is the only way to achieve sustainable prosperity for companies, aimed at the highest success.

In future, notwithstanding the choice of the further career, whether it would be connected with civil service, business or scientific activities, all the participants of the Presidential Academy Summer Campus will often face the need to solve different professional issues. Working with numerous public and private sector organizations, I have accumulated a considerable bundle of knowledge of how to effectively address complicated managerial situations. Therefore, my presentation in front of the Summer Campus audience is a chance to contribute, as best as I can, to further professional successes of our youth».