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The International conference “The Common Economic Space 2020: technological regulation- the instrument of integration” was held in Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RPANEPA)


The organizers of the conferences were: the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in cooperation with The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, The State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus, Department of Committee for technical regulation and metrology of Ministry of industry and trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan, The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration  and Alliance Consulting Investment Group ACIG.

The conference was opened by Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation V.B. Khristenko:

“The discussion of  the system range of problems in the sphere of technical regulation in the format of the international conference with the participation of our partners has become a good tradition. The topic of the conference, Technical regulation 2020 is  a challenge for large and substantial discussion. The Declaration of Eurasian Economic Integration completed the forming of The Common Economic Space and set the new problems before us: to estimate long-term prospects and improve the technical regulation institute, and also to make such a legal and regulatory framework, which would include the legislative base of the CES countries –members. ”

I.I.Shuvalov, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, appeals to the participants of the conference in the Government message:

“A lot of serious work has been carried out during the year from the moment of signing by the President of the RF Dmitry Medvedev the Agreement on Common Principles and Rules for Technical Regulation in Customs Union Member States, which makes provision of holding the concerted policy in the sphere of technical regulation and formation of legal and regulatory framework of Customs union in the field of technical regulation. The first technical regulations of PC, related to provisions, light industry, motor industry and other spheres. By 2012 the technical regulations of PC will be about thirty. Our main task is to make an economic union to increase welfare of the population, business and cultural exchange.”

At the conference A.B.Chubais, General Director of JSC “RUSNANO”, made a speech with a report, in which emphasized that 30 drafts of the national standards were accepted in 2011.  In his speech he also emphasized that the role of voluntary certification in the innovative economy is in the standards’ forming, making a brand, promoting innovative goods, and also in the decrease of corruption in the sphere of the certification.

Fernando M. Venezuela, Ambassador, Head of the European Union in Russia; B.S.Aleshin, President of  the International Organization for Standardization; D.A. Pumpyanskiy, Vice-President of the RU IE, Chairman of the RUIE Committee on Technical Regulation, Standardization and Conformity Assessment  took part  in a plenary part of the conference.

Deputy Minister of industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Salamatov V.Y. completed a plenary part of the conference with the aim at the round- tables’ works. Further, the round-tables continued the conference’s work, in the context of which discussion of the main integration issues and role of technical regulation in the Common Economic Space forming, energy efficiency and energy-saving, use of the European standards in building, and also safety of consumer products’ issues.

The round-tables became an area for the exchange of experience and opinions, and also for the solutions of problems, which the representatives of the state structures and business community encounter considering the integration processes in the context of the Customs Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States, which are not the members of the Customs Union.

The conference was completed with the round tables’ summing up, the short reports were made by the moderators, who emphasized the main theses and the key discussion issues.

In his closing speech, V.Y. Salamatov noted that for the realization of  the most effective forming promotion of the Common Economic Space, it is necessary to develop an effective methodological and regulatory framework, which simplifies the practical use of the technical standards:
"It's nice that today each of the speakers stressed the importance of the technical regulations in various fields, whether it's building, energy or chemical industry. Today's conference has shown the direction in which it’s necessary to work, and that there is a bridge that will allow to remove the barriers between countries. One of the most important tasks is to solve the problem of the technical regulations’ use in practice. It’s necessary to carry out tremendous work to develop a methodological base; in this regard we are only at the beginning. "

The international conference “The Common Economic Space 2020: The technical regulation- tool integration" has become successful continuation of the international conference "Technical Regulation 2012: Tools of forming the Common Economic Space", which was held in March last year. The main emphasis of the conference was made on the approach of formation of the Common Economic Space of Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, as well as the exchange of experience in the integration processes to create a common economic space with the European Union.

This year's conference was attended by over 700 people, that certainly emphasizes the interest of the audience and the urgency of the discussed issues.

The partners of the conference were: Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Federal Road Agency, the Union of Consumer Market Participants, Secretariat of the Customs Union Commission , Integration Committee Secretariat of the.EurAsEC , CIS Executive Committee, representation of the European Union in Russia.

General Information Partner of the conference: Interfax Information Services Group.

The media partners of the conference were: AEI "PRIME" , ITRC "Mir", RIA "Standards and Quality," The newspaper "Energy and Industry of Russia", the magazine "World of Standards", the magazine "Bulletin of the technical regulation", the magazine "Energy Security and Energy Efficiency", the international analytical review of  ALITinform: «Cement. Concrete. Dry mixes ",  the magazine "Energy audit", a business magazine" Energopolis "(general informational partner of the Round Table № 2 "Energy efficiency and energy conservation. The key issues. "), the all-Russian newspaper  "Energy ", the Internet portal "Interenergo ", the magazine “IDO (Innovations Development Outsourcing)”, portal of energy-saving "EnergoSovet ", the magazine " Industrial and civil construction”, the newspaper "A Building Expert ", the magazine  "Technologies of building "(general informational partner of the Round Table № 3 “Regulation in building. The International Standards. "),  a reference book of Electrician and Energy «», a federal magazine "Senator."

The conference was held under support of: JSC VTB Bank, Vnesheconombank, Eurasian Development Bank, JSC "RZD", The Association of Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Consumer Electronic and Computer Equipment RATEK., the Commonwealth of Branded Goods Manufacturers (RusBrand)