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The Minister for Open Government Affairs Mikhail Abyzov meets student community within the framework of the Summer Campus

A meeting between the student community and the Minister for Open Government Affairs Mikhail Abyzov took place within the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy, organized by ACIG together with RANEPA and the Republic of Tatarstan. Youth initiatives aimed at increasing the quality of the public sector work were discussed at the meeting.

Following the event, Mr Abyzov told about the plans to launch analogous Open Governments within the constituent entities of the Russian Federation under the working title “Open Region”.

“Open Region” is a very important project. We are aware that the key tasks to be solved by the authorities are the responsibility of regions and municipalities. The task of the Open Government is to build mechanisms which will allow to increase the quality of public administration involving citizens into the process of making decisions on social issues at different levels. In particular, a similar project for a city can be considered in the longer term”, he explained.

Mikhail Abyzov noted that, although the Open Government had been established not long ago, its activities gave tangible results. So far, about 10 meetings took place in the form of a public discussion.

“Newly adopted legislative acts, as a regulatory framework, conform to the decisions and proposals of public structures, as well as representatives of civil society, expert society and business. And this is the principle stand of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, according to which all the fundamental economic and social projects should undergo independent examination”, the Minister for Open Government Affairs of the Russian Federation noted.

Head of the ACIG  Public Sector practice Aleksey Shipov comments:

“A reliable estimate of quality and accessibility of public services, which is a key element in increasing efficiency of public administration, is impossible without feedback from the population. To that end, the activities of the Open Government aimed at getting Russian citizens involved in the work of the authorities, contribute tangibly to the sustainable development of our country”.