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The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration held a visiting session of the Presidium of the Board of Directors of the departments of the Academy.

The session was held on 31 March 2012 in the Volgograd branch of the Academy.

The meeting was joined by Sergey A. Bozhenov, Governor of the Volgograd Region, Vladimir A. Mau, Rector of the Academy.

During the session of the Presidium of the Board of Directors of the departments of the Academy, the participants summarized the results of reorganization, discussed the position and key areas of interest of the Academy, and the uniform concept of its rebranding.

A.Yu. Kuzichev, the managing partner of ACIG, A.S. Shipov, the head of Public Sector Practice of ACIG Group, and Yu.A. Smirnova, Editor-in-Chief of Strategy journal were invited to join the session.

The experts of ACIG Group of Comapnies presented to the participants of the event their suggestions as to the cooperation of ACIG and the Presidential academy in increasing the efficiency in the state sector for the purposes of successful implementations of Strategy 2020 and reaching social and economic progress in the country.

Large-scale regional cooperation of ACIG which has years-long practical experience of implementing the instruments for increasing efficiency of governmental and private structures, with the departments of the Academy which are large scientific and research centers, will promote efficient development of the efficiency-enhancing trend in the public sector and provide best services to it.