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The Second All-Russia research and practice conference of accountants

On May 17th the Second All-Russia research and practice conference of accountants was held in Moscow, organized by the International Forum “World Experience and Russian Economy”, the State Duma Committee on budget and taxes, Russian Central bank and Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The heads and chief accountants of big Russian companies, which operate in different market segments, took part in the conference. The Conference Program included two main sections. The first one was devoted to the 2012-2013 changes in the tax law. The second section of the conference focused on the issues of novations in accounting in 2012.

ACIG chief accountant Anton Chuklin commented:

“The importance of this event can be proved by the great number of those professionals who gathered at the discussion platform, as well as the relevance of the discussed issues concerning the results of the previous year and prospects for the nearest future. This year two important issues were discussed, in my opinion. The first one is the full recognition of the IFRS in the Russian Federation, almost at the same level as the Russian Accounting Standards (which was repeatedly announced by the Ministro of Finance in its letters). The second one is the new Law on accounting, which will enter into force on January 1, 2013. At the moment, the Law is going through the adjustment stage, and this issue is being actively discussed at the web-site. In order to develop optimal solutions for eliminating uncertainties in several clauses of the Law, accounting experts are involved in the discussion. Professional dialog within the framework of the research and practice conference became the base for developing new methods for establishing an efficient legislative resource”.