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The State Sector Practice has been established within the structure of ACIG Group of Companies

The state sector should work in an effective way to achieve the successful realization of the major federal and regional programs and projects focused on the social and economic progress in the country, increase of the state and municipal services’ quality, their availability for citizens and organizations.

ACIG Group of Companies has established the State Sector Practice within its structure in order to provide the best special-purpose services in the field of the state sector efficiency enhancement. The Practice has united experts having over 15-year expertise in the enhancement of state and private structures’ activity efficiency enhancement.  

Aleksey Shipov headed the State Sector Practice in the group of companies:

“All the countries strive for the state sector working in a more effective way. Russia is not an exception as related to this matter. The tasks of efficiency enhancement have long been successfully solved in business. Various approaches and instruments that have proved their effectiveness in practice have been used. Our business experience can be applied to state authority and budgetary organizations’ efficiency enhancement as well as to the solution of the country social and economic development issues.”

This important and demanding task in our opinion should be solved by the profound systematic elaboration of a number of areas. First of all we speak about working out the project methodology by adapting successful management solutions from business to the special nature of the state sector activity. Secondly, practical realization of initiatives aimed at the state sector efficiency enhancement needs to be dealt with. Finally this is attraction of attention of all the interested parties to this subject matter, creation of sites for a regular dialogue of state and private sectors concerning the issues of efficiency.  

Involvement of a wide range of partners – representatives of academic circles and the community shall provide invaluable assistance in the development of our ideas and aspirations. But at the same time striving for making life in the country happy, stable, and prosperous shall be an obligatory condition for any alliances. Only such kind of approach to business will help achieve serious goals.”