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The final of the Annual All-Russian contest "Sustainable Future of Russia" took place

On January 19 2012 the final round of the Annual All-Russian scientific-research and design competition work of students and graduate students “Sustainable future for Russia " took place.

The contest was organized by Alliance Consulting Investment Group  together with Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration  in the framework of Gaidar Forum at the international conference" Russia and the World: 2012 - 2020".

The competition is held for the all-round support of young professionals, focused on the sustainable future of Russia, strengthening the country's innovative, social-oriented culture, development of training programs.

"A new model of sustainable development in Russia" was the subject area of the contest in 2011. An interesting intellectual challenge was assigned before all the participants - to analyze the current situation in the Russian Federation and to offer their innovative approach to the task solution of its development for the benefit of the present and future generations.

Students, graduate students and teams representing 57 universities from all federal districts of the Russian Federation took part in the contest. The best six works of the qualifying round’s results were presented in the final round of the contest.

The final round of the contest was opened by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Alliance Consulting Investment Group ACIG Viktor Tolmachev:  “Today, in the context of the Conference, we are discussing «Strategy 2020" which will determine the future path of  Russia development. In our opinion, a key question in this context is the development of the social sphere. We realize that the state should focus its efforts on the social issues, and business, in turn, should be socially responsible, allocating resources for the social sector development. And the most important thing here is support, education, moral education of the younger generation of Russians. After all, today's students and graduates are the future of Russia, our future and this future must be sustainable. "

The members’ works were evaluated by the Central Bidding Committee, consisting of: Managing Partner of “Ernst & Young” in Russia Ivlev A.V., Chancellor of Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Mau V.A., Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Alliance Consulting Investment Group (ACIG) Tolmachev V.A., Director of Innovation Development of "RUSNANO" Udaltsov Y.A., Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Fomichev O.V.

The first  Makarov Y.A. (Vladimir State University named after Alexander and Nikolay Stoletovs) his competitive work’s presentation. In the work "Intellectual capital as a factor of the region’s strategic development," he considered the concept of intellectual capital in terms of its possible application in the strategic management of the regional development by way of the example of Vladimir region.

Solodova Elena (The International University of Nature, Society and Man "Dubna") made a presentation on "A method of diagnosing the coordinate for the comparative analysis of the socio-economic development of science cities (by way of the examples of science cities Dubna, Moscow region and Obninsk, Kaluga region). The important economic development issues of Science City were studied in the work. The main attention was paid to the problem of the evaluation of the economic education efficiency at the regional level, including the impact’s assessment of the Science City’s educational effect on the socio-economic development of the city and region.

Gridina Veronica Georgievna applied to the issues of health care (Siberian Academy of Public Administration - a branch of  Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration), drew people’s attention to a research paper on "Management modeling of socio-economic object (citing as an example, the municipality of Ust-Tarksky District of Novosibirsk region), in the context of which, there were stated proposals to improve the sphere of health care, and there were assigned the basic directions of development of health policy through the development of the municipal target program to promote health care in the Municipal Unit of Ust-Tarksky region.

The issues of economy and finance were reflected in the students’ works of the All-Russian Correspondence Financial and Economic Institute, Bezruk O.S. ("Development of methods to predict financial crises for developing countries”) and Polyakova M.S. ("Development of methods to predict the bankruptcy of commercial banks in the Russian Federation"). Olga Bezruk presented a method of the financial crises’ forecasting for developing markets with the help of econometric modeling and the possibility of its application for the formation of the state anti-crisis policy of the Russian Federation. The work of Maria Polyakova was dedicated to the detection of the problems predicting bankruptcy of commercial banks in Russia and on this basis to the development of a comprehensive method of the commercial banks’ bankruptcy prediction.

Bushueva Irina (Siberian branch of Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) presented the work, the topic of which is "Research of the civil servants’ career strategies as the basis a personnel reserve’s formation», in which the peculiarities of career strategies for civil servants were analyzed and their accounting’s mechanisms in the practice of the forming personnel reserve in the government were offered.

The event had science-debatable character, the members of the Central Tender Committee and the guests were able to ask questions to the finalists on each of the stated topic, which contributed to  better disclosure of the relevant issues of the development in Russia.

Rewarding of the winners was held after the evaluation of the finalists’ presentations by the members of the Central Tender Committee.

The winner of the third place and a prize certificate to the amount of 20,000 rubles was Veronica Gridina, the second place and a certificate to the amount of 50 000 was received by Bushueva Irina, the first place and a certificate to the amount of 100 000 was received by Maria Polyakova.

With the final words to the contestants and guests were addressed by the Chancellor of Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Mau V.A. and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Alliance Consulting Investment Group (ACIG)   Tolmachev V.A.

Vladimir Alexandrovich Mau congratulated the winners sincerely and noted that the competition "Sustainable Future of Russia" has become a vivid example of the participation of young generation in the fate of their country and a proof that today’s youth have something to offer for the development of our country.

"... All the finalists are included in the reserve of the Academy and Alliance Consulting Investment Group (ACIG). It means that all of you have a unique opportunity for professional fulfillment in a team of the experienced professionals of Alliance Consulting Investment Group (ACIG) and the Academy ..",Viktor Alexandrovich Tolmachev said, summing the event up.

Drawing competition on an annual basis, the organizers hope to increase the youth’s interest in the adoption of professional activity and the all-Russian coverage of the event will contribute to create a dialogue platform for sustainable development on the level of the individual regions and across the country.