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The 7th annual ESCAP Business Advisory Council Meeting

The 7th UN ESCAP Business Advisory Council Meeting was held on May 18, 2014. The event was devoted to the economic prospects of deepening integration processes between the member countries of ESCAP. The experts of the ACIG Group of Companies took part in the UN ESCAP event within the framework of the partnership between the organizations.

During the meeting of the Council the chief executives of the major corporations in the Asian Region together with the invited experts discussed the issues of regional integration, financial sector and banking system. Another goal of the meeting was to finalize the infrastructural programs and projects for the ESCAP Secretariat, particularly the implementation of the interstate project on creating the transasian high-speed fiber-optic route "The Pacific Ocean – the Atlantic Ocean".


The ESCAP Business Advisory Council was created in 2004 in Shanghai. The Council consists of the chief executives and representatives of the leading companies in various industries and sectors of the Asia-Pacific Region.

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