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Gaidar Forum is one of the largest annual international academic conferences dedicated to the issues related to economics. The Forum has been held since 2010 in commemoration of Yegor Gaidar, a prominent scientist, economist and ideologist of the early-90s reforms in Russia. The Forum has become the central political and economic event in the life of the country.

Organizers: Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy, Yegor Gaidar Foundation.

ACIG is a strategic partner of Gaidar Forum, and AMS Communications Group as part of ACIG Group of Companies acts as the operator of the Forum.

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Strategy Journal is a business publication that goes into the questions of state development and new trends in the social area. Current reforms and draft laws are discussed, federal and regional trends are analyzed, science and technology-related prospects that have an influence on both business and social life are evaluated in the journal. The journal publishes comments and opinions of high-profile business executives, authorities, and reputed figures in education and lends information-related support to various large-scale economic and social projects and events.

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