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Mission and values


Our mission is to promote sustainable development of territories, organizations, and the society. We render professional services, make investment-related solutions and manage assets in various fields of business ещ ensure well-being of all concerned parties.


Values of ACIG Group of Companies:

  • Success depends on commitment to and interest in one’s activities. We implement projects that provide benefit for the society and cause significant positive changes in customers and partners.
  • Any problem has its resolution. Resources like time, people, and information are always sufficient. What needs to be done is to figure out their right combination.
  • We invest our time into making productive solutions. We think under the notions of result and success, irrelevant of titles and other restrictive conventionalities.
  • Perfecting is a continuing process. Optimization of internal and external mechanisms, trying new administration technologies, and expansion of our knowledge base enable us to develop and to feel confident about the future.
  • Any activity needs order. We evaluate events both in the external environment and inside the Group of Companies critically and find optimum modes of operation and give reasons for our actions.
  • Our employees and partners know that trust ensures stability of the whole system, reliable business relations, and mutual respect.
  • Working in ACIG Group of Companies means fulfillment of professional goals and personal aspirations. We are sure that every day gives us opportunities for growth, which is why ACIG Group of Companies is a natural part of our lives.